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About us


What's in our products? This is a question we always enjoy answering because the answer always reminds us why the products were created. The answer is knowledge. Every product not only has natural safe ingredients, each product contains over a decade of knowledge in every container. Kel's barbering products are created by a barber of over 13 years. Kel was asked the same question " what do I use for my hair other than grease" kel had no answer to the question. Kel made it a priority to research the best quality ingredients to provide the most natural hair care products for African Americans. As he researched he found out life threatening ingredients such as PETROLEUM and PETROLATUM are not only in almost every African American products but they are in fact link to CANCER. Kel then decided to create a product line that is safe and authentic to the African American hair care culture. Kel's barbering not only offers natural hair and skin care products but also provides healthy eating tips that will prevent acne, rapid aging life threatening side effects. It's not just about waves with Kel's barbering, we care different.